Unity Package Uninstaller 2

This Unity package helps you remove and clean up any unwanted assets that you have downloaded from Asset Store, or anywhere else.


• Package Contents Selector: Choose the files you want to keep or remove.

• Search Bar: Just type the name of the package you are looking for, instead of scrolling down the list.

• Detailed Information: Move your mouse over the package to see more details.

• Improved UI: A user-friendly interface for having a great user experience.

Have you ever wanted to uninstall a unity package from your project? Currently, you will need to delete packages’ files one by one. Also, there is a risk of removing the wrong files.

With Unity Package Uninstaller, you no longer need to do this tedious task. It will remove and clean up any files related to the packages.

How? Simply select the package you have already imported and click Uninstall.

  • Package Uninstaller menu does not appear: When you import the Package Uninstaller, make sure that the Unity Editor builds the project successfully without any errors, at least once. Otherwise, the editor won’t be able to add the menu (it’s an almost common case for every utility asset). Don’t forget to restart the editor afterward. If that didn’t solve the issue, close the Unity editor, then go to your project folder on your PC and remove all the sub-folders inside the Movinarc folder, except the Assets folder.
  •  Some of the files are not removed after uninstalling the package: Package Uninstaller only removes the files/folders that are included inside the original asset that you’ve downloaded from Asset Store, not the ones which have been created after importing the asset.
  •  I can’t see my asset in the list of packages: That could be a problem with your Unity installation or corrupted files/folders. You can check that out or also manually locate the asset (‘.unitypackage’ file) from your computer, using the Browse button.
  • My issue is none of the above: You can contact us and explain your issue and if possible, please add any screenshots or information that might make the case more clear.


To remove the Package Uninstaller asset itself, simply select it from the list and hit Uninstall! If you don’t see the Package Uninstaller in the list, you should locate the “Package Uninstaller .unitypackage” file on your computer, using the Browse button.

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